First run/side notes

Used ball nose for rough and 60 for detail (pictured). Material 1". Roughly 12 x 7. Will need a lot of sanding. The texture is actually kinda cool but in spots really rough. First time EVER doing 3d and had no idea what to do or which bits to use.

Side note…for very beginners not knowing diameter of bits could problematic. Choices like with 2d would be easier. Didn’t find it easy to manipulate the project. Preview would be nice.

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Hi Denise, congrats on your first 3D carving. Could you expand on what do you mean by having a preview?


With the 2d we get the preview of the what the project will look like (split screen). That would be nice to have so that a novice like me can see what it will look like carved. For example if the axis aren’t set properly and the project will not carve completely.

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