First (test) project

Just finished assembling my x-carve, took about 3.5 days and decided to knock up a new house number plaque, my current one looks pretty shabby. I’m pretty pleased with the result (took a few tries) and I think the only fault is from the design and my lack of experience. The x-carve worked great.


Do you create the design yourself?

VERY NICE LOOKING, I will be getting an xcarve soon. Been working with a cnc at work for 3 years now but I dont get to design anything, I do just the cutting. So I’ll be making projects like that soon. Thanks for showing your project, keep up the good work!

it’s an adaptation of an old vector graphic I bought from a stock image company years ago for a print publication. Tweaked using photoshop and illustrator, then imported into easel.

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