First time cutting aluminum. Success

After some research i took the plunge and started playing with aluminum and im hooked i love it it cuts so nice and my head is just full of ideas but heres a pic of my first project, that has actually led me to cutting these into serial numbers for boats for a local boat manufacturer in town, and i couldnt be happier(as per third pic)! fourth pic its installed on boat! happy carving!


I love using my XCP for aluminum. Cuts super clean and no chatter. Great your having fun and success.

yeah. thank you at first was not sure but it went ok only problem i have is i should have bought the x carve pro Regrets…

Did you use tape and glue method for holding? I almost exclusively use this method. I bought the 1000mm machine about 3 years ago and really loved it… just needed more real estate on the wasteboard and less space in the wallet. Lol

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Solid work. What kind of bit are you using? I am getting ready to cut some today.

Beautiful work!

Looking forward to when I finally get through the earning curve far enough to progress to working with metals. This is an inspiration for me, so thanks for sharing :pray:

i use 60 degree 90 degree bits and 1/8 2 flute upcut bits

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