First time cutting aluminum

First time cutting aluminum… I used a 1/8 carbide endmill, easel default feed/doc to start, bumped it up a bit to do the cutout… It is a small piece… 1.5 inch diameter. .135 thick. I really thought my machine was well tuned, but I see that I have some more tweaking to do… any recommendations?

I use a 2 flute endmill that I found on eBay for 10 of them for cheap. Also use the vbit from inventables for engraving or v carving. I have the white belts with steel coated in them and run a .1 mm doc and speeds vary on the part I’m doing. Mostly what I found out is short passes and making sure it’s not too fast or slow that makes it come out nice or crappy. It can also be the kind of aluminum you are using also because there’s different types.