First time Inlay

Koa Lazy Susan with resin filled cut-outs (left side) and Koa inlay on right (single flower) First time I did inlays and thanks to Paul Kaplan’s Inlay Generator in Easel it made it so easy (and perfect). Thanks Paul!


That looks beautiful Jeff, thanks for sharing.

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Very nice!

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Really nice job. Could you describe the whole tool chain and settings please? Things like what you started with to generate the SVG file, then any things going on in Easel. Then what settings and bits you used to carve. Then any issues or processes (tabs … removing tabs … etc. ) then maybe even how you went about putting it all together. Do the pieces pound into place, or slip into place or what exactly.

Again really nice job, and not a trivial pursuit. I see a lot of complexity, and the need for an extremely well tuned machine and then some neat post processing steps.

First off, thanks for the complement. I created the art work in Corel Draw and exported as .svg. Cut in Easel was pretty straight forward. Used .125 bit @ .40 doc & 80 ipm for left side images with 2nd cut using .0312 bit with same settings. (I have access to 2 cut program from Inventables.) Final depth was .120". Inlay flower (right side) was cut using .0625 bit with same doc & ipm settings and final depth was .125" . Used Paul Kaplan’s “Inlay Generator” app in Easel for inlay cut from .1875" wood piece using .0625 bit (same settings). I did not use tabs, instead used double side tape to hold work piece. The inlay fit snug but not tight, light taps set it in nicely using wood glue. BTW, I use a Dewalt 611 spindle so your setting may differ when you use very hard woods like Koa. Hope I covered all your questions, but if not…just ask…Jeff

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Nice work :ok_hand: :+1: :clap:


Very cool stuff!

The inlay fit snug but not tight, light taps set it in nicely using wood glue.

What tolerance did you select in the app? .010" seems to produce a snug fit with wood.

WOWOWOW that is amazing!

Yes, I used .010. Could have been slightly looser fit but worked out OK. Any suggestion on a better setting so not quit so tight? Maybe just push in rather than tap in?

Thanks Paul, but I’m just a guy…you are the man! :blush:


Wow, Jeff! If that’s your first inlay, I can’t wait to see when you get “good at it” :wink: This is exactly the kind of project I envisioned when I first saw the inlay generator.

I love the composition and the different depths you’ve created by doing the fill and inlay. Well played, sir.

Plus, I’ve found Koa to be an extremely difficult wood to work with. It’s brittle and prone to chip out. Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing your process!

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Very nice!

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very nice. I’m getting ready to make another attempt at inlays and I’m considering a resin filled version to start out. I’d love to see a video showing a walk-through of how to use the inlay generator!