First time using easel

Newbie here was using easel for the first time and when trying to zoom in on wood picture of the project it gets larger and the bottom of the project goes off the screen what am I doing wrong Thanks in advanced for all the help. New x carve will be here next week can’t wait ! going to be like a kid on Christmas morning lol

If you click and hold the mouse wheel, you can drag the model preview around.

It sounds like you’re zooming in to the centered location. What you need to do is pan over the area you want to zoom in on, zoom in, then pan to center it again. If you’re using a mouse with a wheel, spinning the wheel zooms in and clicking and hold the wheel allows you to pan. Let me know if this makes sense.

explanation was very good work great Thank you for the help .

Question about inkscape a you able to import a file from Microsoft word to inkscape and then import to easel to carved ? I have a lot of files that I made and would like to transfer to easel. Thank You for your answers in advance

I don’t think there’s a great way to do that. You can export images out of Word then trace them in Inkscape, but you’re not necessarily going to end up with a super-accurate re-creation.

That’s probably your best bet other than starting from scratch in Inkscape, though.

@cg49me Thank you for the advice but how do I go about importing to inkscape ? sorry new to this New x carve will be here tomorrow .

Got an example of what you’re importing from word?

After you save your image file, you can do a File > Import in Inkscape, then do Path > Trace Bitmap (it might be under Object, not at the computer right now).


@mrdrfter101 looks like you posted a link to a shortcut on your PC.

how do I post a picture on here sorry I told you i am new to this

Use the upload button. (Is it there for new members?)

Blue lives matters 11.5x5.docx (35.5 KB)

Word: Right Click --> Copy
Inkscape: Right Click --> Paste, Right Click --> Trace Bitmap, Lower Threshold (I tried 0.150), Apply, Delete original, Save
Easel: Import SVG

Thank you very much for the much need help have great night @ NeilFerreri1

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