First time using. Letters are reversed

Maybe I’ve just missing a setting someplace. But I went to do a simple test carve, and instead of carving how i would expect, the letters are reversed, as if they were in a stamp.

Am I missing a setting?

Are you using Easel? If so when you went through the setup, did you axes run in the correct direction?

@ChrisMomberger I recall reading about a similar problem on the forums a few weeks ago, but I can’t find the original post. If I remember correctly, the person who had this issue found that some of their wiring was backwards.

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Found the link:

For this guy, his X and Y wiring was backwards. Hope this helps you find the problem!

Thanks, that’s exactly what it was. I took all the connections apart and put them back in with a little more attention to my bad handwriting on which wire was which, Thank you!

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Great to hear you found the problem! Happy carvings!