First Timer / Newbie... Help!

Hello All,

Just getting started and purchased a low grade 3018 Pro off Amazon (name brand it Rattmmotor) to learn. I put it together (instructions were terrible) and installed Easel (trial). Went through the tutorials, watched videos, etc. before jumping in.

When I tried my first project I set the machine in Easel from what I found on You Tube, put my material in (3/4 inch pine) set the bit at 0.2mm, locked down the material, set the bit to the left front of the material, and tried to carve. The spindle goes to the left front (off the aluminum work area) and just spins. It moves a around little but never touches the material.

It does seem to grind a little when it hits the limit of the bar.

I have deleted and recreated the machine in Easel a number of times but get the same result.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


Here’s an update… I took the router apart and centered the spindle holder on the screw (I wasn’t sure how it knew where it was).

I set the home to center of the material and tried again… I was able to cut wood but it only cut some small circles.

Again, any suggestions will be most appreciated.


Check to make sure all the fasterners are tight. You might have to change the settings for your particular machine situation if it doesn’t come set like that or you used X carve values.

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (

The grinding may be the motor losing steps when it can’t move any farther. X carves come with limit switches.

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice: Tuning GRBL Settings - SainSmart Resource Center

3018 PRO - Tuning GRBL settings (


Thanks… I looked at all the videos I could find and used the settings they used (same machine). Easel doesn’t have mine, or many, manufacturers so the videos and tutorials say use “other”

Hello all… I read through Martin’s reply but really don’t know how to go about changing the settings (or if I can output the current ones in case I need to step back) But, after going through every machine possible on Easel I still am not carving. When I hit “Carve” the spindle goes just off the edge of the material and appears to be trying to carve. I have a video I took this morning, too big to upload so I think this link will work - it does for me on my local pc

[Spindle goes directly off edge]

Any help, assistance, suggestions, information is greatly appreciated!


Okay… first and foremost I have to apologize for being the dumbest person to every walk the face of the earth. After many trials and tribulations and help from a number of people I went back to square one and realized I had the X and Y cables mixed.

So, needless to say, I hope someone else learns from this…

thanks All,


So you are good? If not, did you view this?

3018 CNC/PRO - New (updated) beginner’s step by step guide - All tricks and tips (


I’m good on that… thanks for your help… but I got to big for my britches, purchased an upgrade kit, now can’t get the platen to align

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