First Vcarve project

This is my first project using Vcarve. I used Jeremy Simmons’ Heightmaptostl program to create a STL(Great program Jeremy! Thanks for sharing!) and imported that into Vcarve. Nothing real special, but I think it came out pretty good even though I just threw some stain on it.


Thanks for the kudos @StanPhillips. Nice piece.

My software

Stands on the shoulders of @mfussi, the original author of heightmap2stl


Still playing and learning with Vcarve. Gotta pay attention to where knots are in the future.


What kind of bit did you use for that project??

Roughed with a .25 end mill and finished with a .0625 tapered ball nose bit.

Yeah, I was originally going to use a 2" piece of maple I had but with the linear rail Z I couldn’t. Went right in the house and ordered Charley’s end plates but haven’t had a chance to install them yet.

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