Fit a Makita RT0700C / RT0701C in the Dewalt 611 mount

I also have a Makita RT0700C router. I bought the DeWalt 611 mount with my X-carve.
In order to fit my Makita in the mount I ordered a cheap peace of Alu tubing. 80 mm high.
70 mm in diameter and a wall thickness of 1,5 mm. It cost me € 2,00.

I cut out a strip of 15 mm wide and fitted the tube inside the Dewalt 611 mount.

The Makita now fits like a glove.

An additional advantage is that it adds almost no extra weight to the DeWalt mount.
Hope this helps someone. Happy carving everybody !



This is perfect. By adding the aluminum as a shim, we Makita users might be able to take advantage of the dust control system that requires this mount. Definitely going to give this a shot. Thanks for sharing!