Fit to material

I feel like I’m missing something obvious. It seems like there should be a way for Easel to automatically layout your project on the material. Some function like “fit to material”

Like an AI type function, where the software knows what artistic approach you want to use for the project and read minds to make it happen without any user interaction? Or is this something else?

No not an AI. Here is a simple example. If I am making a box, I want to select all of my pieces and click “fit to material” and the pieces would be arranged on the material in the most efficient fashion (least amount of waste)

While it’s not a function of Easel, maybe this is what you are looking for: Deepnest io

Ah you want “Nesting” what Michael said is the best option for that, it allows you to assign parts as internal or external, internal parts are kept in their relative position to their parent (external) part while external parts are nested to fit. It is a pretty good software for the nesting process.

I want to do this within Easel, not looking for another application. Seems like a pretty straight forward request. I have the parts to my box and my material defined. Select all the parts and click “fit to material” or “arrange on material” to get the most efficient use of the material.

Yes, it’s a pretty standard CAD/CAM feature, but not in Easel. V-Carve has it amongst others, called Nesting as others mentioned.

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