Fitted lid box box help?

Hi all,
Hopefully someone can help me with this.
I’m trying to create a box in easel with “interlocks” - Im using a 1/4 cutter - one half has a pocket cleared, while the other cuts on the outside of the tool path, but for whatever reason I absolutely cannot get the sizes right.
Does anyone know of the formula one might use to work out the sizes?

I’ve included a picture so hopefully someone will know what I mean

Be super helpful if easel had a way of selecting whether you want the shape size to be “inside”, “outside” or “Centre” of the tool path

Many thanks in advance

Have you measured the difference?

Without compensating for machine deflection inside pockets will carve a smidge undersized and the outer carve a smidge oversized. This deflection can vary between “identical” machines.

So you need to fugde the bit diameter value a little to take up this slack.
Try a diameter value 0.003" less than 1/4".

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Yup, tried that.

The process I have been through is create the pocket first the size I require it to be. Copy this and reduce it by 2mm in with and height. The theory being when I change this shape to cut outside of the pate it’s the size I need. But I end with with all sorts of different sizes but when I measure them after test cutting, they don’t reflect what I actually have.

And there’s no measure tool in easel to check :man_facepalming:t3:

Easel does offer the options to cut (outside, inside or on path)

Easel provides the option to size your vectors.
select the vector and click on shape. You can type any value you want into the fields shown below.
Selecting Cut lets you choose inside, on path, or outside. As well as tab dimensions.

From my experience, I have just given the two features just a “smidge” of wiggle room to account for any error and finishing.


Brandon Parker

Here was a small ring box that I did, I made the inside of the top .030 bigger and it fit good. Hope this helps
Good Luck

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My thoughts…

Have you calibrated your machine (GRBL $100 and $101 values)? By the orientation of your two pieces, it shouldn’t really matter, but it can’t hurt.

Do you square up the X-gantry before starting your carve? Assuming your machine is perfectly (or reasonably close to) square, you should ensure both sides of the gantry are equidistant from the front of the frame before starting a carve, or else your work will come out slightly “slanted”. If this were to happen, in your case, from the way the pieces are oriented, the slant would be opposing on each piece (they wouldn’t fit together).

Is the radius of your pocket corner at least as big as the radius of your cutter (1/4")? If it’s smaller, your cutter won’t be able to fit completely into the corner.

If you have the above covered, can you explain more how the fit “isn’t right”? Too loose, or the prices don’t slot at all?

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Hi All -

I have been playing with sizes and experimenting with different sizes - I have found in about .25mm out so I do need to calibrate the machine, however im awaiting some aluminium L section to make Y-Axis stiffening and dust protection for the belts, as well as stiffening the X-Axis and giving it an overall MOT - (In fairness i have picked this up second hand recently and just put it to work.

As for sizing - The Pockets half’ of the box is set to 54.1mm and on my Calipers measures 52.93mm & the “tennon” (part on the left) set to cut out 53mm and leaves me with a 52.44mm tennon -

Either way - i need to calibrate it as its obviously a little out :slight_smile: