Fixed Dust Extractor

Wow, thats sad!

I am considering ordering one of these from 3dHubs but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to upload a short video of the machine carving and this dust boot attached?

Thanks for the free files!

I bent some 1/8 inch steel plate into two L shaped pieces (about 1 inch wide) and epoxed the long leg of the L to the spindle holder. Then I was able to use magnets in my dust shoe to hold it to the bottom of the spindle mount.

Where are you located? I got mine printed at the local Toronto Reference Library for just under $10. They said some other libraries across the country just got 3D printers as well.

Did you guys have these 3D printed in PLA or ABS?

For this application I think either material will work fine (more detailed comparison). PLA tends to be a little bit stronger, but more brittle material (little bend before snapping). ABS is nearly as strong, but more flexible (still rigid, but tends to bend a bit before it snaps) and slightly more heat resistant.

If you find either material breaks you can use acetone (commonly known as nail polish remover) to ‘glue’ the ABS version it back together, or use friction welding or an acrylic glue/expoxy to glue the PLA part back together.

Hi JeffVidt

If you do not mind how long did it take to print. Thinking about the time restriction at the TRL. (Toronto)

Honestly, I’ve having a hard time remembering! I believe it was either just at or just over two hours, since that’s the limit on using the 3D printer at the library. I think i had to do it in two sessions because of the detachable circle piece. BUT I did talk to one of the guys at the TRL about the piece, and he was pretty flexible on time with me as long as I paid, and he may remember it if you go in and show it to them.

Thanks JeffVidt. Will give it a try while waiting for my printer to come.

Hear ya, I paid 57 dollars for one and then realized the same thing, no good for thick material.

@DavidYerkes @RobertCanning
Hey guys I noticed it was too low for my needs as well, so I designed one that give about 2" of material clearance. Works really good too, did a 4 hour carve yesterday and it picked up 99% of the dust.

The best reason to print this with the ‘vertical’ legs on the bed is that will be by far the strongest orientation. You don’t want the build lines to be running parallel to the ground when the unit is connected to the unit if you can avoid it. The weakest part of an FDM print is almost always delamination (where the print breaks along the build lines), and the weakest part of this design is going to be where the risers attach to the dust shoe, it is pretty thin there and if you have and weight on the hose it could fairly easily snap along the build lines.

Printing the part on its back will be pretty strong along the weakest axis of the design. It is also the axis that requires the least bridging.

What is the silver track called that you used for this dust shoe (which is awesome looking by the way)? Hopefully one can purchase some off Amazon or Ebay. I’d like to make a dust shoe similar to what you’ve built and like the idea of not having to drill or modify anything.

Hey, if anyone is interested, I can laser cut the acrylic top piece in just a few seconds on my Epilog. Let me know, I can get you one for generally cost of shipping and materials.


The aluminum material is called T-track, easily found on eBay or amazon. Got mine off eBay.

Awesome, thanks!

Just wanted to say that I loved this design. I googled across an old thread where there were pictures shown, but I was never able to find the model files so I made my own using some stuff I had lying around, but after posting them to youmagine, I did a search for other xcarve parts and found this one!

Ah well, it was a fun exercise in modelling. I’ve got an older printer, so I don’t think I could have printed it anyhow (Printrbot Jr., around 130mm x 100mm x 70mm). You can take a look at it here if you want, I’ll make sure to update my post with a link here to the original design. :smiley:

Here is the link to my version: YouMagine – Vacuum Adapter for X-Carve by Ta'a Pyland – YouMagine 🔨 I wanted to make sure it fit up to 3/4" thick material, so it should get pretty close to that. I’ll be shaking it down over the next day or so as the parts finish printing.

So I printed one of these and put it on my Xcarve today and am I missing something or can the max material thickness one can carve with this on be not much thicker than 3/4"?

It’s kind of a pain in the ^$$ to put on and if I want to cut something thicker than 3/4" I have to take it off…?

Hi Francis…how can I get one of your dust boots for my DeWalt 611?

Is this for the DeWalt 611? How do I get one?