Fixed Dust Extractor

I designed previously a fixed dust extractor on my Shapeoko 2 and it works very well on most of my projects. Almost no dust escape even setting the vacuum to the lowest suction.

So when I pre-ordered my X-Carve I started to design similar approach. This one is supposed to be much better and more rigid interms of mouting.

Last week I got my xcarve and finished the assembly process, made some final adjustment to my design and printi it.


But unfortunately I didn’t like the 24V spindle. Can’t spin more than 14k rpm which is not enough to cut G10 and CF compare to my Shapeoko 2 with Makita Compact Router. Guess I’m gonna return this 24V spindle and order the 611 mounting and re-adjust the measurement for the dust shoe.

Here’s my old Shapeko 2 with fixed dust shoe and makita router.

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Yep, ended up in more or less the same place myself. Be aware, the DeWalt exhausts its cooling air straight down, and tends to pitch the dust all over creation. If you do get a dust collector shoe that works properly? Let me know, and gimme a price!

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Makita is the same, its blowing air downward for cooler. It works fine on my Shapeoko 2 because the dust is gone the moment it was cut.

The 611 mounting seem compatible with Makita compact router according to the measurement. Makita is 64.5mm which is smaller than dewalt 611, I can just 3d print some ring spacer if it wont tighten.

I’m printing now a version for Makita with adjusted size. Gonna wait for my mounting. Once its perfect I will try to upload on shapeways so if someone interested they can order a print from there.


Anyone interested in using the Makita, Menards sells the exact same router under the Performax brand for $69.

They are interchangeable with any of Makita’s accessory bases, have LEDs to light the work, and come with a 3/8" collet insert too. MLCS sells what appears to be the same router only their specs claim only 1hp when the Makita and Performax are rated at 1.25hp like the Dewalt. As for the Dewalt, it is the same as the Porter Cable compact trim router:

could i grab the stl for the dust shoe for the 24v spindle?

Would this work on the Dewalt 611 with air deflector in stalled?

@NickCook once its done Im gonna upload it on thingverse.

@PaulKinlaw. I dont know your air deflector looks like but I already readjusted it to fit on 611 mounting.


This is brilliant.

The entire time I was thinking of how to mount the shoe and vacuum hose onto the spindle/carriage, but then it’s completely useless in the first couple of passes. also ANY additional weight really makes a difference with the nema 17 stepper motor powering the carriage.

The clear top is very cool. it lets you still see what the spindle is currently doing. with a lot of other dust shoes ive seen, it’s not at all too easy to see what the cutting head is doing.

I like that this design puts the weight on the maker slide. even though i would worry about those printed extrusion channel inserts breaking, it seems like its easy enough just to print it again…

I would try using two makerslide mounting nuts and a milled out U-bracket bracket to mount it, because trying dig PLA or ABS out with a screw driver is not fun.

(little different. its on the wider channel in the extrsuion. when you print stuff overnight and forget to change the fill% to something more appropriate; you do get a big surprise when you find out the wall was only a couple of mm thick :P)

I suggest you go to ( and propose this as a project there. if you need help with the editing the video, i would be more than happy to help you. More people should see this.


The printing structure is very rigid and strong. Printed on ABS. I dont think I can break this thing on normal use.

Here’s the final version. Bottom hole are more wider for more airflow.

The way to install this is loosen 4 screws that hold the Z axis and then slide it to the z makerslide from the bottom. Then install back the 4 screws but before tightening perform angle calibration as instructed on the xcarvem build guide.

This shoe can be adjusted up to 1 3/4 and lock on place with tow m3x12mm screw.

I finally start cutting all my mini quad frames orders. I had lot of pending because I decomissioned my Shapeoko 2 and spend some time finishing the X Carve. I never cut carbon fiber without dust extractor.

So far so good. I’m on my 3rd sheets now. I’ve been cutting 6mm and 1.5mm carbon fiber.


Dang, I think that’s by far the nicest dust collection system I’ve seen for this. WANT.

Yep, looks fantastic, please let us know when it’s available on Thingverse!


This thing looks amazing. Nice work Francis!

Yes i want this for my Dewalt dwp611 PLEASE>>>>>>>

Looks like the original would work for the 48V Quite Cut Spindle as well.
I’d also like to get the stl file for the original if possible.



Any files up for us to grab yet? @FrancisMarasigan

I would love to get hold of this also, this is by far the nicest looking dust collector yet. And anyone who has the 611 knows the dust this thing puts out.

I would also like to grab this file. Just placed an order for the 1000 mm kit with all the upgrades for the class I teach at school and would love to utilize this to reduce dust in the classroom. We are going to start out with the 24VDC/300W spindle so I guess I’m looking for the original design. Would love to print that up now while I wait for delivery.

Also, I’m a newb so I’m wondering how it stays against the material? Does it just slide up and down on the rails that make up the spindle mount?