Fixed Dust Extractor

Any chance you will be uploading that file? I would really like to print one for my machine. Thanks!

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How is the further testing going Francis?

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What would something like this cost to buy from you? My 611 is dusting up my garage real good so I need to make a move soon and this is the best looking extractor I’ve seen. The file wouldn’t do me any good as I would have no way to make it. So if you want to make and sell these, put me on your list.

Very nice work.

I also am planning on doing the 611 upgrade, so will want a dust collection solution.



So I really needed a dust collector before I started using my machine because I’m cutting g10. Sorry I couldn’t wait for you to share the file, but I designed a very similar collector for my needs. I’m using a 2.2kw spindle on a custom mount, so the collector length will be different. I will start a new thread and include the stl file as well as the freecad design file for anyone who needs to edit it. Here is a picture of my first test piece. I have made some changes, but you get the idea.

Here is a shot of the final design which I have printing now.

What is your print time. PLA or ABS?
Looks good

Print time for the final is estimated at 5 hours. I wont know for sure until it is done printing. The test unit took about 4.5 hours. I used ABS. The hose adapter has to be glued on.

I would have to completely rebuild my 3D printer if I wanted to print a dust shoe. I think I will just design one in CAD and machine it on my tormach 770 mill. My have to make it in several pieces.

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@JamesStehlin How do you plan on locking that in place, or will it float?

@DavidSohlstrom I’ll take one! :wink:

I’m slow so you can’t afford me at $30.00 per hour machine time. :smiley:

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I can do that. I will need the measurement from the edge of your makerslide (edge closest to the spidle) to the center of your spindle. email me at we can duscuss further.

@TonyNo there is a 4mm hole in the supports for a set screw.

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files are here Dust collector files

I can do that. I will need the measurement from the edge of your makerslide (edge closest to the spidle) to the center of your spindle. email me at we can duscuss further.

Was this directed at me or Tony

@DavidSohlstrom, I’m sorry. That was directed at you. I am still learning this forum. I’m not sure if you were serious about me printing one for you.


No my Z axis is not standard so your dust shoe will not fit. Here is a link to my build log. You can see my Z axis there.


Alright since this thread has been dead a while and Francis still hasn’t posted his files I figured I would upload my own design in case it could be of help to others. A word of warning: This design should work on the x-carve, but I have not tested it first hand. I have a modified Z carriage that looks more like the shapeoko 2 carriage on my x-carve and I printed one with that Z rail to spindle center distance. Then I measured the offset between the x-carve carriage and mine and generated this STL so it should be almost perfectly centered in the hole.

The design will accept captive M3 nuts and screws to use as set screws to hold the shoe in place. The vacuum port on the back is approximately 30mm across which happened to fit my shopvac. If you need a different diameter it should be fairly easy to 3D print an adapter to allow your own shop vac hose to fit if it is different than mine.

If someone gives this a try and it doesn’t quite fit, let me know how far in or out the hole needs to move and I can tweak it and re-upload.

here’s the download

I just realized I forgot to include a picture of what it looks like:

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Sorry guys, was so busy working on my incoming product for mini quad racing drone.

But here’s the last file I’m using, this is for 611 mounting. I got time again I will try to find the version for the 24 spindle.

Instruction: Print similar to the orientation on the pictures and turn-off support.

DustShoe…zip (211.1 KB)


How would one go about getting this made? and any idea on how much it would cost to have made?