Dust collector files

I have made a custom dust collector for my x-carve. I got the design idea from @FrancisMarasigan, but customized for my spindle setup. Sorry @FrancisMarasigan I was waiting for you to post your file, but I couldn’t wait. Anyhow, here are the files for my version. I will upload the stl and the original design file (freecad) for anyone who needs to edit it.

Dust Boot Final.FCStd (136.2 KB) dust boot final.stl (223.7 KB)

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Here are a couple pictures of the first test unit. I’m currently printing the final design and I’ll upload pictures when done.

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How does it attach to the carriage?

The vertical supports slide into makerslide. The final version has 4mm holes in the supports for set screws.

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Will this fit the Dewalt DWP611 and is there anyone here in Georgia that is willing to print one for me?

@ErikJenkins I don’t know if it will work for the dewalt as is, but if you measure from the front of the makerskide to the center of the collet I can adjust the center hole on the front of the dust collector. I can print it and ship if your interested. I don’t know what is a reasonable hourly rate for printing.

I tried importing your .stl file into Simplify3D and its not manifold. Is there something else I need to do first? Thanks for the design!

Try running it through netfab.

Tried optimizing in nettfab and still no luck. Any other ideas?

You have to use the repair function of netfab.
I used netfab basic.
“Default Repair”
“Apply Repair”
“Replace original”
“Save As STL”
dust boot final (repaired).stl (257.0 KB)

Thank you for the help. It is very much appreciated.

how long did the print take you? How are you attaching the hose to the unit?

I’m very new to 3d printing. What is netfab? I imported it into xyzware after creating the file and it was fine.

netfab is an online service for fixing problem STL files.

I see. I will have to try this. Is this why some of the layers don’t have an outer shell? I thought it was kind of strange.

“Netfab Basic” is a downloadable “Free” version of their modeling software.
It will let you simple changes. View, Resize, Reorient and Repair models.

I have to say, that looks PRETTTY sexy!
I want one! maybe 2 'cause i usually screw things up when it gets down to the actual installation of things like this!

Russ from Coral Springs, FL USA

I can, pm your details. Gonna print mine this weekend. I’m in downtown atl. Cover the cost of plastic and pick it up.

Already had it printed…I will be putting it on this weekend, I appreciate it though.

I like how this works, but it is a pain when I need to cut a thicker piece of wood and have to take it off. The only problem with this dust collector is that it limits the Z-Axis travel.