Looking for options for a 3D Printed Vacuum Attachment

I recently purchased and finished assembly of a 1000mm X-Carve with a Dewalt 611, after running a quick test piece I quickly realized how much dust gets thrown everywhere when the Y-Axis actually got jammed on dust particles causing an error in the cut.

I made a pair of basic dust shields for the two rails of the Y-Axis, and have been manually vacuuming the part while it’s cutting (which is minimally effective and defeats the purpose of automated machining imo), but I would like a more permanent solution to deal with the dust problem.

I would like to find a part that I can 3D Print on my MakerBot Replicator 2X that would allow me to attach a vacuum to the spindle without any additional parts required (except perhaps a few mounting screws. I’ve seen a number of designs for dust collectors on this forum but it seems like they all require additional parts to assemble. I also am not fond of the idea of having any kind of bristles on the dust collector as I’m worried they will get caught on the parts I’m cutting.

Additionally, I’m curious how much luck people have had with using airflow diverters on the Dewalt 611, do they significantly reduce the amount of dust/chips that get thrown around? On my test cut it seemed like most of the dust was thrown by the cutting bit itself, but I’m not sure.

I actually have a number of other questions I could ask as well, but I think for the purposes of this thread I’ll leave it at that for now. =)


OR here: https://discuss.inventables.com/search?q=dust

found this one on thingiverse last night while i was surfing.

looks interesting

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That’s probably the most promising one I’ve seen so far, thanks!

My concern with most of the items in the “Dust” search is that they are either not 3D Printed, not for a Dewalt 611, or require extra parts added to them (like the Thingiverse one MichaelGrigg posted).

I stumbled upon a design on a CAD site a while back that I (unfortunately) neglected to bookmark at the time, for a 3D Printed vacuum attachment for a Dewalt 611 on an X-Carve that seemed to wrap around the entire bit and did not require any extra pieces. For the life of me, I’ve been unable to find it since though… >_>

Here is the model that I am currently using. A friend 3D printed this for me. I found it here on the forum. I have been running for around 30 minutes. Not a speck of dust on my table or in the air.

This works well for a stock machine. It only requires 1 M3 bolt to hold it in where 2 makes it more ridgid but I only use one.

Although I did have to alter the head of the M3 bolt. The bolts from the z axis v-wheels were rubbing it as they passed causing the spindle to jump out of alignment somewhat.

Down side is you will lose some Z axis work space.

am i missing something? other than the vinyl for the curtain and the black tape as spacer material, what other parts are needed to make this work?

is it the vinyl or the bristles that is the problem?

I’m in a similar situation as you with both a 3D printer (Makergear M2) and a new X-Carve. So far the Dewalt diverters I’ve seen are a slightly larger diameter than the motor itself o you’ve have to take it off before you could take the spindle out of the mount. This seemed like a deal breaker at the time, though I don’t know if it is in real life. In my case the vacuum attachment would have to fit my Festool dust collector, not 2 1/2" for shop vacs.

I’m interested to see how 3D printing and CNC cross over for me. I already designed and 3D printed a jig which helps cut the edge mounting slots for a DIY X-Carve wasteboard (and shared it on Thingiverse).

I am curious. Does anyone have options for a dust collector for the 611 that has a larger vacuum hole? Mine gets clogged often. Gets quite annoying.

4" to 2" to approx 1". That’s what was in the file. I don’t like it at all. It also doesn’t let enough air into the system to keep the pipe clean. I keep having to open another port to clean it.

There is a 2.5" that is very flexible. I recommend it actually. I just hate the 1" hole in the dust shoe. As soon as I get a 3D printer I will make one with a bigger I believe.

If you can I would suggest pvc pipe for it all.

Do you have the link for the files for that part?

Woot. Guess I should have searched before I hijacked a thread. Sry OP.


A buddy printed my current model for me. All I know is that I gave him these links and that is what he produced for me.

Sorry I couldn’t help more, I hope that one of these is what you need

@AngusMcleod - How much noise does that Shop Fox dust collector make? I have been looking at that one myself.

(Looking for options for a 3D Printed Vacuum Attachment):

Hmmm, my shop vac is much louder than my machine with the spindle on. I measured it at 95db at one time but I’m pretty sure the iPhone was chopping the top.


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