Vacuum Dust Extractor V2 Project

Wanted to design a new dust extractor based on Suckit concept using 3D printed parts and acrylic.

The plan is to slide it the on the Z-Axis rail similar to my V1 dust extractor.

Here is the initial design. There will be 2 small magnets at the back and LED light mounting that points 45 degrees downward.



Yes it’s a single piece. It will be install from the bottom, you just need too loosen the Z-Axis assembly from the gantry so you can lift it up during installation. It same as my V1 dust extractor.

2nd try. The other one is too big and not enough clearance.

Not really. I already using same mounting from the bottom on my v1 dust shoe and its not that hard. I just losen 4 screws that hold the z assembly from the gantry and I can move it up. And you only need it to do it once.

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I never really need to removed it once installed, most of my work is cutting carbon fiber for prototyping. Really depends on your needs. My version 1 is been there for more than a year now and I only removed it to replaced with this one. I can still remove the acrylic plates if I dont need vaccum. I’m also planning to make different version of acrylic plates that has different brush size.

If you are looking for quick release including the bracket, you can get the inventables vacuum or the suckit.

Just finished building and testing another new dust shoe. This one is just like most of the others with a bit of a twist. It swings out of the way to change bits and still sucks.