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[Fixed] Easel Sandbox wont let me make a copy

Is something going on with Easel? I’m trying to open a project and it tells me I’m in the sandbox and need to make a copy and when I try to make a copy it just clocks. What is this sandbox stuff?

problem it just clocks when I try to make a copy. Whole system is slow. Wonder if it’s internet traffic?

try to open this link and make a copy:

Same here, any ideas?

Problem with Easel. I cannot make a copy of a project, or open a copy I’ve already made of a project.

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Wonder if it has something about all this Black Friday traffic

Hey guys this has been fixed, it was a bug involving the new interface and copy projects that predated the new interface. You should be able to copy projects now.

Thanks Paul, it works fine now

Sandbox opens a blank page when trying to download, any help?

I STILL cannot copy. It will only just paste an SVG i did like two days ago. has anyone had this problem?

Can you elaborate?

And can you paste the project link that won’t let you make your own copy?