[fixed] Material preview missing?

I couldn’t find anything already mentioning this, so I’ll risk a new thread…

Has anyone else noticed that the preview image/texturing for Birch is missing?

It’s there fine to start with, but as soon as I change the material size it just goes black??

Yes it is missing on me too, I just realized now.

I used that for the ‘hello world’ test carve a few days ago. On Chrome, from the cheapie machine attached to the Xcarve, the birch image was missing. But from my machine upstairs using Firefox later that same day, it wasn’t.

Been doing that to me for a few days now, and I click refresh and all works fine. I already let admins know of the issue, have not heard back yet.

Confirmed, seeing this myself.

If I do a hard refresh (clear cache reload everything) the Birch texture file is attempting to being loaded from: http://easel.inventables.com/assets/textures/birch.jpg which gives a 404.

So it’s either not in the right place or the code has been broken and should be getting it from elsewhere. @JeffTalbot ?



The issue with the material preview has been fixed. Thanks for reporting it, everyone.

@AngusMcleod, issues with WebGL would be unrelated. I’m not sure why it would suddenly be disabled for you.

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