Flag with border and multiple depths

I will try my best to explain what I’m trying to do. I am trying to carve a 30" x 16" flag out of 1.5" stock. I want to do a two stage carve for a centered 15" x 29" x .38" pocket and outline a particular logo raised .125" inches higher. This would give me a .5" boarder around the pocket and a raised logo outline for detailed logo cuts. From there I want to carve the stripes .125 deep from the first pocket cut. Then I want to do the detail cut for the logo. Finally I want to do a .25" carve from the first pocket cut. Lots of steps. I am trying to figure out how to create tool paths without having to start at the 1.5" stock height? If I do, the machine will be carving ALOT of air until it reaches certain depths. Seems like a lot of wasted time. It might be easy to do if I wasn’t including a raised boarder around the entire project but I think Easel isn’t intuitive enough to make this happen. Thoughts?

I was thinking about changing overall material thickness after each step and then adjusting Z axis zero to bypass previous carves to save time. It didn’t work when cutting the stripes cause the bit when through the boarder.

Couldn’t you just set it up to run one pass?

@SteveMoloney how would you go about painting this multilayer carve(sample)? Can you tape it all off or would it be mostly with a brush?

Great design.

The original file on this was shared by another member @RussellCrawford. I just use a torch and burn mine. But I have watched several you tube videos were they use paint pens and stain pens to color the different layers. I have not done that as of yet. Keep in mind the more you torch them the harder it is to get them covered with sealer.