Flanged Bearing does not sit flush

This step and the next step for Zaria assembly.

If you follow the steps exactly then the maker slide will not be flush with the zaxis motor plate.

If I loosen the 2 bolts around the bearing and tight down the two bolts that attach the plate and slide, the bearing will not sit flush.

Is that supposed to happen? I see a similar post from 2015, but no solution was presented.

If it was designed this way on purpose let me know. Otherwise I can dremel out a little bit of the maker slide so everything can be flush.

Do the xcarve support staff watch these post or should I be emailing support?


THIRD pic I don’t have any of the bolts in, but it sits flush.

Second pic I have the maker slide bolted on and you see the top of the flanged bearing is not flush.

FIRST pic you can see why it is happening; maker slide and flange over lap a bit and the flange is too deep.

IF I bolt the flange on so that it cannot move, then the maker slide will not be flush with the motor plate, but the bearing will be flush

Jesus F Christ


He is right. I have the maker slide on the wrong side.