Flatten Wasteboard takes 4.5 hours?

Hey all.
So I have been reading in this forum for like two months now.
I got my openbuilds machine up and running and Easel is working fine.
Now I found out that my wasteboard does not seem to be flat.

My plan was to flatten the board (50cm x 70cm, 19.685" x 27.55").
All I need is like a depth of 1mm (0.04") in my MDF board.
To be honest I don’t really know anything about CNC carving, but the simulation says it takes
4,5 hours. Is this possible? I am using an Kress Router and an 3.175mm (1/8") bit.

Is this correct?

Any help / tips are appreciated.

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.
It was 18 hours with custom settings and 4.5 hours with standard settings.
Sorry, just found out when creating the thread.

I have been looking at several other threads.
Most talk about speeds but noone says how long it takes.

But I will have another look

I did mine with a 1/2" bit. Didn’t take long at all, running at about 50 inches a minute. With that Kress you’ll have no issues cranking the feed rate up.

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I only have got an 3/8" bit here.
If I calculate the feed rate with 3 flutes and a chipload of 0.023 and 18.000 rpm it should be possible to use 124 IPM?
Could this be correct?

This would mean if I max out the RPM to 29k even 200 IPM should be possible?
These values are just so much off the values I read here about

My last cleaning:

1-1/4" bit
80 ipm
.0625 cut depth (deeper than usual)
60% step

I don’t remember how long it actually took but Easel estimates it at 14 min.

Yes I did it with 150 ipm now and it worked fine.
You said speed 1 is the fastest I want to set it to.
So If I use Easel with the default settings my router should be set to 16.000 rpm?

That is some nice info. Thank you!
Did one testcut and now it took like one minute instead of 8 minutes and the results are better as well

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