Flexible Air Snake?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 1 or two people who use compressed air to either remove debris or cool the bits. Wondering if anyone who has this could answe a few questions. I noticed most people have a flexible snake type fitting. What exactly is it called and where could I pick one up. I’m not sure if I am typing the wrong keywords or not but couldn’t find them on amazon or ebay. Here is a picture incase noone knows what I am talking about. I am also wondering how big of a compressor I’d need. I have a small portable one, wondering if that would be enough.

It is called Loc-Line and there are tons of adapters and accessories for it


Finally thank you for thst. I was able to find them on amazon with thst keyword thank you! Now I wonder how nig a compressor I’d need

I would be careful about blowing forced air onto the work surface, you are just going to blow the sawdust all over your shop.

Most forced air systems are used inside a closed cabinet.

I imagine the dustboot would suck up most of the debris so I don’t think it would be a problem.

I have not seen a dustboot with vacuum and forced air. That is an interesting thought.

Remember the Dewalt is already forcing air down toward the work when it is running.

FWIW I am running a small air compressor intended for pen airbrush with direct blast onto bit, its pressure is low enough to clear saw dust away from the bit/stock but without blasting it all over the place. I intend to add a dust shoe also but havent gotten to that yet - but expect that combination would work very well :slight_smile:

I’d just order a Suckit dust boot and you won’t care about the air compressor anymore. Less aggravation for you in the long (and short) run.

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I have the suckitdustboot, but it doesn’t have an air cooling function :frowning:

I’ve got the Suckit with a Festool CT26 dust collector attached - I’m pretty sure I get some air cooling out of the flow coming down the bit hole, across the bit and into the vacuum. The major exception would be if I was doing a deep narrow pocket where the airflow would just pass over the top. Especially if you’re talking about a compressor that’s just producing the light puff or air that wouldn’t blow shavings all over your shop.

But maybe you received an incomplete Suckit, you should contact them right away with this question and they might be very willing to send you a label to return it for a full refund.

He was wanting to add an additional forced air line to blow chips out of the cut. That should not be necessary.

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It is if your cutting metal or plexiglass

I’m wanting forced air to cool the bit when carving acrylic to avoid melting… the dustboot I have now works good in its own to remove debris.

If your bit is getting really hot you spindle speed is probably to fast (or your feedrate is to slow)

I don’t get much melting. I use the lowest dewalt setting and 90ipm as recommended by most on the forum. I am just looking for ways to improve the quality of the cut. For the 10$ it costs for the snake attachment I think it’s worth doing.

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+1 for air-snake… trademark it now before someone else does

Air snake the more you fill it the more it grows!

Feel free to do it for me