Flexible Stepper Coupling Question

So I have a bit of a problem connecting a new motor to my Z axis. The motor has an 8mm shaft, and needs to attach to a 3/8 leadscrew.
The closest coupling I can find would be 8mm to 10mm, which obviously means just under 0.5mm slack on the leadscrew end.
If anyone has any idea if this is workable or not that would be great as I haven’t used them before.

I worry that it would put a load more stress on bearings but I may be overthinking things.

Any input would be much appreciated

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The only things I’ve found are from the US unfortunately which with shipping/import duty etc would vastly increase the price. Not to mention having to wait for it.

And yeah, the old girl is beyond disassembled (in the process of rebuilding/changing just about everything including drive system, motors, controller, wiring, major frame pieces)

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Unfortunately I’m in the UK :cry:

I can’t check now but check http://www.omc-stepperonline.com they had a lot flexible and not also I had luck using reamer when I bough motors with unusual shaft size…

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Ugh, that 3/8" is hard to match. Have you put some calipers on it to confirm it is actually 3/8" and not actual 10mm?

The only other thing I could think of is to get a 8mm to 8mm coupling, and drill out one side with a 3/8" bit with a drill press.

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Have you tried amberspyglass.co.uk? they sell a compatible ShapeOko2 and might help you out. If you can find someone with a lathe it is really easy to machine a 5mm end to the ACME rod.

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Unfortunately it’s definitely 3/8 on the leadscrew. I do have a drill press, but it’s old and tired so I don’t really trust it’s precision to be honest. I may end up going this route if I can’t find an alternative though

I did look there and they just have metric sizes unfortunately (apart from 1/4")

Panic over. I spoke to a supplier I buy from regularly and he can get me what I need

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At ease Lance Corporal Jack Jones!