Flinstones speaker log

I finished the smaller speaker log with no ports and it sounds pretty good (for a set of 4" speakers) Then, after looking a while, I found an old set of 5.25’s from an old car audio install so I decided to do another one. For the bigger one, I decided to use ports (as good as I could do them). I figure the ports are about 7" long by 3/4" (I used a forstner bit to cut them). So, anyway, the ports are working great in the larger speaker set. I can feel lots of air moving through them at higher volumes. I’m not exactly sure they improve sound quality, but my son was impressed by the amount of air moving through them! I made a space for the small Pyle amp on the back. I’m still thinking about a handle for one or both of these.

I figure I spent a a few hours on each one. Since I can’t get the “back” pieces (for the driver magnets) under the CNC, I had to hog them out by hand with a long reach bit. That was the hardest part. I’d guess I spent about 3-4 hours total on each log.

Now, I’m thinking about whole set, including a subwoofer. I think these would make great shop or cabin systems.

…small one with no ports (4" speakers)

… and the bigger one (5.25" speakers) with ports:


Rock and Roll!!

Very clever idea, and beautifully executed!

These are very cool. Great job.

Don’t you mean “Log and Roll”? :grin:

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I can hear “Norwegian Wood”, “Songs From the Wood”, “Kock on Wood” and “Shakin’ the Tree” playing in the background…:sunglasses:

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I think I shall go with “Rock and Logroll, (over Beethoven)!” :slight_smile:


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Well, now that I’ve been at these for about two months now, I figured it might be time for an update: I am working on my ninth version of the speaker log and have learned a small bit about audio, including cross-overs, optimal volumes, frequency cut-offs, etc… enough to make my head spin. I also designed these to be used as standalone speakers or with a small amp attached. Some of the small amps available now have neat features (blue-tooth, thumb-drive play, etc) and are rather inexpensive.

My most recent completed log includes a separate sub-woofer and amp and significantly boosts volume. This one required a couple more machining operations but it was worth it.

Here’s a few more:
This is the smallest of the bunch - a real challenge to get it to all fit inside. four inch speakers

the most rustic looking so far:

another rustic look:

the big boy - 6.5 inch speakers

the retro (boom box) look :slight_smile:

the original (after a couple more coats of clear)

…there you go … save those old logs, if you find some, and get rockin’ and (log) rollin’!


That’s really cool. Wow. Nice job!