Flood coolant set up (concept test)

Spent a few hours digging through my salvage pile and found what I needed to mock up and test my coolant setup. Used one of my vacuum molds for my container and sealed it with epoxy. The fixture was just scrap wood screwed down with the steel work piece adhered to the top. the pump came from a cold compress thing that we had left over from a knee operation. A piece of scotchbrite and a hard drive magnet was used for a filter. this is all just for testing at the moment.


I have a design for one that I would like to make soon. Anyone have a piece of 3/4 polycarb they are tired of looking at?

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Whats stopping the fluid from splashing the router?
That thing is high current and can pose a danger.
Make sure you use insulated gloves and take care.

Ground fault interrupt and mineral oil is non conductive.

Thanks for clarifying that.
Some may not use what you did cause they were unaware. :wink:

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