Flying Saucer

So… I’m trying to make a flying saucer 13" in diameter, 6" thick. Doing two 3" thick pieces and gluing them together. What I need is where to get (or make) a 3D STL file for the curvature of the craft. I plan on cutting out the center for the pilot (little green man, when I catch him) and doing the capsule from a clear plastic bowl (dollar store)
Any help would be appreciated.
(just don’t tell the little green man i’m hunting for him)

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See if this works and helps. It’s a saucer top. I figure if you can open this, you can flip it and truncate the bubble for the bottom. I wasn’t trying for a sexy shape…It just shows up like that. LOL. I made the 13" circle and revolved the cross section in Rhino3d.

Thank you very much. I’ll send you a photo of the final space craft (if I can catch that little green guy to power it) :disguised_face:

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