Folding table ideas

I’m planning to make a table for the 750 mm X-Carve that folds down when not in use to save space in the garage. I’m thinking that it will be very similar to the table design that Targ posted here:

Instead of carriage bolts and folding legs, I bought the folding shelf hardware that holds 800 lbs per pair. My plan is to do it in a way that the table top when folded up for use is slightly bigger than the space I need overall, but 1/3 of the CNC is on a permanently horizontal surface in the back, and the other 2/3 is the shelf that will fold down in the front. That way, the bulk of the machine will be mounted to the shelf, but it minimizes the overhang since the shelf brackets are 16" long so hopefully it will be more stable.

I have a few questions for the planning stage:

Does the controller need to be on the same surface, or can it be on a permanent shelf next to the folding portion?
If the machine doesn’t have the dust control setup, should I box in the controller to minimize dust issues?
How far does the dust travel? Should I box in my computer to prevent dust problems if I plan to have it on a shelf on the same unit (much like Targ’s table above)?

If anyone else has built a folding table and wouldn’t mind sharing what they would do differently next time or the features they can’t do without, please share!

The controller can be mounted anywhere, it’s just wires that connect stuff. If it’s an X-Controller, it might be nice to have it relatively near in case you need the big red button. :wink:

Dust control is a must. If possible, figure out how to make it work.

Folding table thoughts:
make it rigid!
make your hinge points and lock points solid
make your table/shelf thick.
I suggest baltic birch plywood vs the cheap stuff found at hardware stores