Folding Work Station - Completed

I’ve been obsessing over the past few weeks over my new xcarve. I
finally completed the work station for the machine. and I wanted to
share the video with others that might have storage space problems in
their workshops. This machine will fold vertically into a 600mm space
from the wall in the garage. It’s easy to setup , only taking about 2
minutes and sturdy as a rock.


@MikeKaplan Your video link isn’t working.

Thanks…it’s still uploading and yeah…I did save it before. Sorry…it should be up fairly shortly.

You’ll have to edit the post and restart the upload and then wait until it is done before clicking save edit

@MikeKaplan That is a very nice table!

Mike, how are you pivoting the table?

Sorry for the delay Ken…I’ve been away for a couple of days. The pivot is simply a couple of 3 inch Butt Hinges attached to the back of the machine and top rail of the shelving support.

Thanks Mike,

Your reply came a day too late, I already had built a version of your table. But I over thought pivot point and ended up using a 4ft pipe and pivoted on two make-shift bearings. Can’t believe I didn’t think of a simple hinge… I kept getting hung up on how you lifted your table beyond the level so you could put in the support bar…

Just ripped it apart this evening and put in two hinges.

Thanks man!


I’m sorry Ken. I spent a few sleepless nights going over these issues in my head…sometimes getting up in the middle of the night to go in to the garage to measure things up. So I think I understand what you have been going through. I’ll try and be more prompt in my reply’s in the future and best of luck.

this is exactly what i’ve been looking for ! that’s a great looking table, if you don’t mind me asking , where did you get the shelving racks from ?