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Very excited to see v-carving finally on the list! A bit surprised to see the paid version, but 4 days free is a good shout and sure that’ll be plenty for most people.

Anyway, now Easel has the ability to do half-decent signs there are 2 major but simple features I think you should consider:

  1. A list of available fonts with their previews on a webpage so that businesses can direct clients there to choose the font for their sign. A downloadable PDF would be fine too, preferably with minimal branding on it.

  2. The detailed preview is great but we really need to be able to send the client this preview before confirming the job. I currently (and very cheekily) use the free trial version of Vcarve to do this, and then use F-Engrave to run the job!

Looking forward to having a play once I replace my blown x-axis driver!


When looking at all the new fonts, I would love the ability to enter text of my own to preview rather than evaluate a font based on a random sentence. Just put a text field at the top to type into! This would speed things up tremendously!


Interesting ideas.

FYI I’m almost positive that Inventables is just using a subset of the open source Google fonts available here

I’m not sure how they picked their 200 from the 843 available so this won’t help with making a PDF or printed booklet. It will let you more easily preview text (hopefully the one you like is in Inventables subset) and download the fonts into Illustrator or Inkscape though.

Just type your text right over the sample sentence Google provides then click the “Apply to all fonts” option that appears. That will give you your phrase previewed across many fonts for you to peruse.

@Zach_Kaplan could say if I’m way off about the Google fonts or what their source of fonts is.

@ChrisBroughton we are using some Google Fonts we are also negotiating with a bunch of font foundries right now to add even more. The world of fonts has lots of different rules and licensing structures. Using them the way we have done in Easel is new for most of them so we are working through how each foundry wants to offer their fonts.

Just checking in to see if there have been any developments on the suggestion for a list of fonts with previews for our customers to review and choose from? I also agree this is a great idea and would be extremely helpful Thanks in advance.

We haven’t implemented those suggestions yet, but we are keeping them in mind as we look to improve Easel in the future.

Has a font list been created yet? This thread is now 3 years old and a list of fonts to send to customers would be greatly appreciated.

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Why not just do a screen grab? That’s what I do. Easy on any modern OS and crop it to just the preview. That way I get it at the angle I want it at, and you can even photoshop in a test background (yeah, the anti-aliasing makes a terrible border, but it’s just a preview. Like oh, this is a barn sign, here it is on some barn siding kind of thing.