Font question

this might be a dumb question but I was wanting to print some cursive in easel but it seems there is not any. anyway I have been watching a lot of tutorials on drawing and making signs in easel and seems most of them I have seen when they click on the fonts and the drop down menu appears they have a cursive. am I missing something or did they take it out of easel. thanks wayne

The only one in Easel is called Lavendaria.

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well I tried that one and it came up with block letters.

Very odd. I just carved out some lettering with that same font and it came out perfect.

every time I type it in it shows block letters and the name when you pull down the font is in block letters.

Can you post a screenshot of this?

figured it out Keith. it shows it in block print but if you look to the right where it is simulated it shows it in cursive.

it looks like this.

I am glad you got it figured out.

doesn’t make since but it works. thanks for the help.

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thanks for the replies. I will see what I can do.