Fonts (Creating a text box)

Hi Everyone!
I am new here and I have been doing an awful amount of reading and fiddling with Easel.

I am working on a project now that I need to have about eight lines of test put in…
My question…Is there such a thing as making a text box and entering in all the text
that I want and being able to adjust the sizing of the fonts, as the only option that
I am finding here, is that I have to do one word at a time…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, please and Thank you. :slight_smile:

You can type and return to the next line, I find it easier to type them in single lines. Then select all the lines, align them and then drag the corners to get it to the size I want. You can then change the font type easily under the shape screen. No real way of setting a defined point size.

Hi @SteveMoloney,

Thank you for replying. Your suggestion does work, thank you.
I also found that when I want to enter test, I press enter to have
the cursor drop down to the next line; doing his also has allowed
me to to place the cursor to the beginning of the line and hitting the
“space bar”, until I have that line centered to where I would like it to
be. It would be great if an alignment editing tool could be implemented,
so that text can be either to the far left, far right or centered.

I thank you very much for helping me out. I am learning more and more. :grinning:

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Glad I could help!