For faster carving, align roughing cuts with y-axis rail

Many of my CNC jobs have most of the deep roughing cuts in one direction. I tend to make long skinny parts. Today I tried clamped the long axis of the part parallel to the y-axis rather than the x-axis. On X-Carve, the y-axis is more stiff than the x-axis, particularly if stock is clamped near one of the y-axis rails. In this orientation, I can take deeper cuts without inducing chatter. Obvious in retrospect. This change is really going to speed up my work and should also improve the quality of cut.

Also, the super simple shop vac dust boot shown in the picture (made from Gorilla tape) does a good job of keeping the pockets clear of chips.


Great idea! I like the dust boot too, it resembles my current one. :smile: