For Sale: Dallas: 11/2019 1000x1000 Xcarve; $750, All Parts

$750 for the full 1000 x 1000 machine plus router. Additional bits. Has been used for one season. In excellent condition. Dallas location. Would ship. Havent used in year so we are selling.

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Hi ! I am interested and in the Houston area and willing to drive to Dallas.

Is that the machine you are selling? That’s the one I am needing. Thank you

It looks like its the same except it has a Dewalt router instead of Makita

When did you purchase it and is this still under warranty? If you don’t mind me asking why are you selling it ? I am very interested. My cell is (832)768-8999

The one being sold is the 2017 version. The ad you posted for the new x carve has the 2021 upgrades. It’s taller, stiffer, has larger motors and a totally different z axis, and has larger belts. The makita or dewalt routers can be used with either if you have the correct mounting bracket. The makita has a wider range on its speed control and can cut faster and quieter than the dewalt. I originally purchased the 2017 kit but they came out with the new version before I was finished assembling it, so I ordered the upgrade kit and converted everything but the wasteboard to the new version. I think the upgrade kit was about 4-500 dollars at the time. I haven’t looked recently.


This was purchased in 11/2019. I have the original email/order. But the same dimensions and specs as the new x-carve being currently sold. The cutting dimensions are the same as the most recent xcarve systems

Thank you so much Ronald! I am a party decorator and have been using the Glowforge to make custom signage but the cutting space is limiting me- a friend of mine recently purchased the new XCarve seen in the photo and it’s been a huge benefit. I plan to do the same but need the one in the photo.

BUMP - Still available. Price Negotiable.

Would you consider $500 and meet me in say Ennis. I’m in Montgomery, TX.
Give me a call, 281-844-8783

Yes to both. What are good times to call you tomorrow?

You can call anytime after say 10:00…
Also, would you text me a few good pictures of what all there is…

I haven’t heard from you yet…???
Wondering if we are still on or you have changed your mind…
Roger 281-844-8783

Hello, is this still available? Thanks

Is this still available would need to be shipped to Maine but have cash ready to go if so

Hello, is this still available?

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@KrisBell , please provide an update on your post. I would like to purchase your xcarve for my autistic daughter. I am in Grove, OK.

Machine was sold… It’s in my shop getting lots of use…
The X-Carve is a great machine…

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