For Sale - Top Shape 1000 x 1000 X-Carve CNC w/ Upgrades . L.A. California

Hi, I have a 1000mm x 1000mm X-Carve CNC machine looking for sale.

This is a pre-2020 model for sure and was purchased in April 2019. I am the first-hand owner.

The machine was purchased for prototyping but had only been in operation for maybe no more than 100 hours. I was in the process to upgrade the riser, the z-drive, and anything that TND CNC has to offer but was shifting to additive 3D printing for prototyping shortly after, and the X-Carve project was put on hold ever since late 2019. So basically the CNC was quietly stored away in our workshop ever since.

Thought of coming back to it someday, but I am moving out of my workshop, and the new office does not have space for this machine, hence I am posting it for sale here.

The machine is in great condition, please see the photos for the actual condition. Photos were taken last week while we are cleaning out from the workshop.

I had the TND CNC upgrade riser, the wide gear, and the belt set, everything else was the original spec version without upgrades.

Clamp Set, Vacuum Tube, and Vacuum Head are all included.

3 Bit sets

  • Wood & Plastic Set
  • Engraving Set
  • Soft Metal Set

I actually only used 1 bit for wood. All other bits are brand new as you can see from the photo.

The machine is currently disassembled into the following key parts.

  • like new wasteboard with under frame.
  • Two side rails (Y axis) with step motors unit attached to them.
  • 1 x-axis rail with the Z drive attached to it.
  • X Controller unit.
  • Controller board (support frame disassembled (2 long and 2 short rails)
  • Cable unit
  • DeWalt Router

I prefer local pick-up, but willing to ship it as well, probably with 2 ~ 3 separate packages.

Looking for $1200 + Shipped
elephantbro511 is my ig handle if you are interested and like to receive more info on the CNC

Interested, sent you a message on Instagram

could you get me a price for shipping to 85650 tucson az
very interested

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