For Sale X-Carve 1000mm - Atlanta, GA Area

I have a used X-Carve 1000mm for sale. I bought this 3 years ago. Did a handful of projects including some nice table sitting stands for my wedding, but after a while just haven’t put it to the use it needs to be. Mostly sitting in the garage collecting dust right now. Has a J Tech Photonics laser engraver ($600 upgrade). Has most all the upgrades parts, limit sensors, dust collection shoe, clamp set, waste board and X controller. Will also include a bunch of bits I bought from Inventables.

  • DeWalt 611 Spindle Mount
  • J Tech Photonics Laser Engraver (needs new mount)
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Dust Collection Shoe
  • Bunch of Inventable Bits
  • Clamp Set
  • X Controller

I am located in the North Atlanta Area. Local Pick up. I don’t have means to ship this unfortunately. Asking $1400 OBO. The machine runs great but will need some tuning to the limit switches to make sure they are working properly. If you need me to send a video of it in action, please let me know.


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My name is Rodney and I live in Canton. I would like to see if we can come to a deal on this machine.

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Hi Rodney! I actually sent you a private message since I noticed you were interested. You can email me at if you like.


Item is sold