For sale X-Carve 1000x1000 New Jersey $1200

Selling my X-Carve 1000X1000 barely used. Pick up in New Jersey. $1200 feel free to message me with any questions

Hey! I am in NJ as well. Is this still for sale? Runs well? Been thinking about getting one for a while now, may I ask why are you selling? Thanks!

It is still a available. I really dont have the space for it. And also, i do most of my work bu other means so dont really have the time for it. Runs like it should. I only had it maybe 5 months. Maybe used it 5 times. I rether see it go to someone that will use it. My number is(848) 992-5959 it will be easier to text any questions.

Brian .

i would assume that you sold this already? let me know !

Hey Brian,

If this is still available I am extremely interested. Can swing by tomorrow… Or tonight depending on where in NJ you are.