For sale xcarve 1000x1000 in Spring, Texas

I have xcarve that I bought new a few years back. Lightly use and will come with DeWalt 611. Not really using it anymore and have other projects. Priced for pick up only, will not ship. $1199.00

All original bits plus a few extra purchased. Need to pick up in Spring Texas.

Purchased end of October 2018

Assembled early 2019

Z prode
Precision collet for router
Side board
1/8 V carving bit set

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I might be interested in this… I’m currently a little south of you. Would there be anything needed for this? like a spoil board etc… or is it as is working fine and ready to go?

The machine works great. It was assembled with a lot of care. You do not need anything extra. I parked it for a little while and decided to do one project with it. Easel had updated a lot of software and with this new software my older windows computer it is an issue. So instead of buying a new computer for it decided to part with it since I almost do not use it. That is why I priced it that way. Comes with all accessories.

It is sold

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