For tose wondering about Duty tax/Customs charges importing to the UK

Hey guys, just received notification that the total amount for the 2 packages Excluding waste board totaled to £170 ($260 USD) for duty tax/customs charges to import into the UK. The waste board would have been so much more. Just a quick heads up for anyone curious to know the final cost.

Wow. Do they tell you why/how they arrive at the numbers? Does that include VAT? Do you pay the same import duty regardless of where it came from, or do you catch a break if it’s coming from certain countries (Australia, Canada??)

Vat here is 20%, and its applied to anything coming in from abroad, except for Europe. So we pay 20% on the products value and shipping value unless it’s from Europe. It’s pretty insane, but it’s the law.

Inventables sent me the 1000mm kit with waste board and import tax and vat came to a total of £230!

That’s just asinine. If I’m doing the math right, that’s 60 pounds just for the waste board.

We also have a UK distributor named Robosavvy if you don’t want to pay import duties.

About the same over here in New Zealand… $330 for customs… It only applied to 2 out of the 4 boxes though due to the lower posted values on the other 2 boxes.

The price I pay for moving out to this island in the Pacific Ocean.

When did that become a thing? Wish I had known earlier. But wouldn’t it have made more sense to ship UK orders from the UK on your behalf? I mean if you have a distributor set up in the UK, why did I receive mine from the U.S. Would have made more sense to get robosavvy to send it instead if you get me

It just started.

Ordered my 500mm kit from RoboSavvy as I’m in the UK. They were very good, excellent updates on delivery etc.

Haven’t worked out the price difference but looks comparable to ordering from the USA but without being able to spec it to the nth degree.



Hi Ian. Does he sell individual parts as well? I need some t- slot nuts ($5 for 10) but it’s $25 postage!

Not sure Jamie, but wouldn’t hurt to ask them. Might save you a wedge if they could import parts sets as part of their main shipments. You never know they might already hold stock and just not got them on their website yet.




I am in the process of calculating the cost difference between the states and robosavy for a fully loaded machine.
Robosavy want £80 for the waste board alone without screen printing
Would you have the HS Code for the X-Carve 1000 mm ?

Tom, I am pretty sure you dont require a HS-code to calculate import cost.
Upon import (be into the UK, Norway or many other countries) you will for most consumer items “only” be charged VAT, not toll tariff given for specific materials etc.

In Norway general VAT is 25% and applies to all consumer import, including shipping cost. (orders below GBP30 are excempt and tax free)

So the calculation will become:
Item value + shipping => basis for VAT calculation (broker fees may by apply aswell (these vary!)

Thanks Haldor Basically Cost + Shipping + 20% there is not a lot of difference in the price only delivery time and possibly less hassle from customs :smile: