Forced to use ballnose bit for final pass

Hi guys. I watched the live release of the 3D platform. Love it, use it already!!

Here is my question: is it possible to set a Vbit as my second tool when in the 3D window? I believe I heard one of the speakers say it was possible.

If the answer is yes to the first question, how would you add a tapered ballnose bit?

I checked and I do have all my bits loaded, straight cut, ball nose and vbits.

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Easel’s 3d function is currently not setup to take into account tapered sides of the bit, this includes both Vbits and Tapered Ball bits.

However, you could still enter a Tapered ball bit using the tip diameter (2x radius as they are normally labeled by radius) and use them. BUT easel will not take into account the side angle and this CAN cause issues when the design has tall, vertical walls. The tops of these walls will not be vertical, but will bear the tapered angle of the bit, causing the top of the design to be over-carved , with more material removed than should have been… BUT IF you’re using models that do not have this sort of wall feature, than using a Tapered Ball Bit will work perfectly fine…

Oh one more thing to consider… when the stepover amount (bit diameter X the stepover percentage) is very small than Easel toolpaths have a greater chance of failing to calculate, this is also increased when the model is made larger as well… So I suggest not using a bit width under 0.75mm Radius (1.5mm diameter) in order to have the best chances of it not failing… you can try smaller, just don’t be surprised if the toolpath calculations fail to process through.


Thanks SethCNC. I appreciate the breakdown.

I am liking the ease of moving the model in the X,Y, Z in relation to your material. I am looking forward to future additions to this platform

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