Forum Home Page Size?

Is it my imagination or has the number of threads in each category been seriously downsized? I seem to remember there were at least five threads showing under each category and now there’s like three. I use the forum home page as a landing page to navigate from there and with considerably less threads showing, it’s lost a substantial amount of it’s efficacy form me. It also looks like the font size is smaller. My $0.02…

Yes, that happened. There is also a new “blogs” category as well. I think to make space for the additional category, the number per category was reduced.


Do you mean the area circled in red?

Yep. There used to be a usable list of things there for me to peruse, now it’s considerably shorter.

How many do you think should be listed there? It’s a setting I can adjust in the admin panel. I just made it 6.

Excellent! Thank you very much. I think that should do it, depending on how many things are pinned at the top.