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Forum is asking me to verify account every single time?

Has anyone dealt with this before? Its super annoying at this point lol.

Everytime I go to log back into the forums I get the request to activate my email. I’ve logged in and done this countless times. Anything I need to check off in my settings box or something to stop it?

"You’re almost done! We sent an activation mail to XXXXXXXXX. Please follow the instructions in the mail to activate your account.

If it doesn’t arrive, check your spam folder."

Hi Ian! I just looked at your account and it is saying that your email hasn’t been verified. Are you verifying the gmail email account?

Ive made a bunch of posts since I created it so yeah id say its all verified. I believe the issue might be im posting from my work computer and I think they might do something funny with the caching or history my work laptop admins settings.

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Got it! Let me know if you have anymore issues, but that makes sense.