Forum page forcing login

Question about the forum functionality. If I access the forum from a new PC, or from an incognito tab, I can read with no issues. However, if I previously logged in from a PC, then the forum re-directs to a log in page and won’t let me browse until I have logged in. I understand logging in to post, but why must I log in every time to read? I can understand seeing more ads or losing functionality until I log in, but why keep me from reading? In reality, the forum topic loads into the browser and then a split second later re-directs to the login screen. If I’m quick on the cancel button, I can keep the re-direct from happening. the re-direct screws up the browser history where back takes me several topics back and the original topic I wanted to read isn’t in the history (either forward or back).


What Rick said. Bugs me too.

Doesnt seem to happen as much now as it did a few weeks ago but yeah always having to log in just to view

Just curious - what browser are you using? I’m using IE 11 and I don’t have this problem.

I always login anyway to I’ll be ready to post, if appropriate. So, no problem here!