Fox alien masuter 4040

when setting up my masuter 4040 which machine should I pick from the list. My masuter isn’t listed> your help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks Grady

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Welcome Grady!
Just use other and Other for the 2nd dropdown as well
you can rename the profile after finishing the setup if you like… go to machine>edit machine to edit the name after the setup is done…

and if you’ve already selected any one of the inventables main photos by mistake and then connected to the machine then your grbl settings have been reset to that of the machine you selected… you’ll want to go into machine>general settings>Machine inspector and verify they are set correct for the masuter… and here are those defaults:

Ohh and their official place for Fox Alien help and guidance is their Facebook Group>

Thanks for your help. I did what you told me to and it worked. My next question is, I have used the text icon then I typed Merry Christmas. I need to make this curved for my project. I’m not having any luck on getting the point method to show up on my text item. It works fine on my ornament project but I need to make the text look like a smile. I just can’t get the point method to show up…

I would use inkscape and use the text to shape function for this…

I’ve never heard of this “point method” do you mean like editing the individual nodes? I can show how to convert text into noded elements, but that really is a pain vs the inkscape method

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