FoxAlien Masuter 4040 & Easel

Hi folks. I just picked up an extra machine, a FoxAlien Masuter 4040, and I am struggling to get it set up to work with Easel. I have managed to set it up as a new machine and it does appear in my machine profiles. I can edit a file, and when I go to ‘Carve’, I can go through the steps, but the machine does not respond. All of my movements are greyed out and it does not control the machine. I see a red exclamation that tells me ‘Homing is not enabled on your machine’. The Home and Work Zero buttons are greyed out, and I don’t see any other options here.

I have edited the console settings as per Seth’s instructions (the only change required was $10=1 where it was 115).

If I load the file in Candle, I can make the machine work, but Easel doesn’t seem to want to talk to it, even with Candle closed. Since I have Easel set to use the Masuter machine profile, I can’t seem to export the files to an nc which I could use in Candle.


Well, doesn’t it just figure that as soon as I post a question, I figure things out. I went back to the machine profiles, unplugged the USB cable to the machine and waited for 2 minutes, plugged it back in, and I was able to Home the machine, and it is currently carving using Easel. So, yay!

One other question that I do have though, is this. Does Easel not show the progress of the cut? Or have the ability to trace the job so that I can confirm the travel path? Both Candle and MakerVerse will allow me to jog the machine around the work to see where it is going to cut everything and I can make adjustments to avoid knots (or clamps!), and I can see what the job is going to do before it does it. They also show progress of the cut job (not just a percentage and time), but actually shows where the bit is, and greys out what has been completed. I don’t see anything happening in Easel?

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