Fragile bits

Using a 1/32 inch bit. I think I broke it just by looking at it this time. I seem to break more bits in non-carving accidents than I do while carving. Today I just moved a bit from my workstation to the x-carve, and it broke when I laid it down. 1 broke one with my calipers once when measuring it. Then I broke one trying to tighten the collet and the wrench slipped. I think one time, one broke because the router was too fast.

Ahh, the learning curves…

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I’ve broken very few actually carving. It’s always something silly, like hitting it with the collet wrench or jogging into a clamp.

I’ve broken like five of them. Not that I’m bragging or anything. One was actually during a cut going around a curve…I actually saw it happen (because I’m still fascinated with it while it’s carving so I watch it like a hawk during a carve). I broke two when I loosened the collet too much and it slid right out and dropped on the end into the spoil board. The fourth and fifth causality was an errant down Z axis jog that buried it into the material.

Have I learned?

  • I slowed my IPM down for the finishing passes
  • I’m more careful when removing the bit from the router
  • I enabled soft limits on my machine and now use UGS platform which has a separate X/Y jog increment and Z jog increment.
  • i buy these in quantities of 4. Luckily only like $9 per.

broke 2. 1 was due setting the wrong parameter for acrylic… however I was impressed that it lasted even for as long as it did… made me up my feed and depth when throwing on a new bit that I … intended to prior.

the last one was last Monday… Had my 123 block with wires for letting z, then i had to find the max height measure from that point to set my clearance … after this i issued the command g0z1 not thinking that the z was below the 123 block still in place… Estop time.

I also broke two 1/32 bits sold from inventables. I used the z probe incorrectly to zero and when i hit carve it drove the bit full depth right into to material snapping it in the process. The second one i broke just by removing a finished carve from the clamps in what felt like l lightly touched on the bit on the way out…but apparently enough to break it. So you are not alone on this misfortune Daniel.

Eh. I’m chalking one up to dropping because I couldn’t figure out how it broke otherwise.

But I’m pretty sure if a bit falls with the 1/32" end straight down into the MDF from the router, any brand will break. I’m not going to test that theory but my carelessness shouldn’t count against a brand. Pretty much all my bits are from the same company (Kodiak) and they all run smooth and cut well. I run 80 ipm with a 1/48" doc with no issues with the 1/32" bits.

I broke 4 of them.
One when the gantry moved and it hit one of the hold downs.
the other 3 broke when carving plastic and the Plexiglas part was not even so it dug deep.

They are useful, but handle with extreme care. Until I get expert at this, I have been buying cheap Chinese. It’s on amazon. A 10 pack is about $10.

Oh yes I broke sooo many of these back when I was milling wax. I finally gave up on them completely.

I have been having much better results with V bits and Tapered bits. They give you the advantage of a fine point without the impossible fragility of a 1/32" endmill.

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I agree. I am going to try the Dremel 108 bits before I give up.