Free cut days

how do you use the free cut days

They have hidden it. You have to click Easel Pro, then options and you will see it.

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July 21. 2020 was the cutoff of the four free days. After that, new accounts have a 30 day trial period of Easel Pro. So if you didn’t have your account set up before 7/21/2020 you dont get any free days. If you had it set up before that date then as @JamesStobaugh1 mentioned they have hidden it. :man_shrugging:

i bought this a year ago. but i cant see easel pro nowhere . i see easel, but not pro. civid has kicked my butt. out of work do money tight. was going to cut a few things for holidays but my subscription is out.

Easel “change” to Easel Pro whenever you have selected a feature that is in Pro only.
The green Carve button will then display Carve+Pro IIRC. When you click Carve you can select free days if applicable, or purchase option.