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Now that I ended my pro easel subscription because of the price increase and the fact that I don’t 3D carve when I open my easel work page the only options I get when I try to carve is the 3 easel pro options to subscribe it won’t let me use free easel :confounded:. I think there should be a pro lite for us who only 2D carve.

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i agree 100%

You could simply sell one project a month to cover the cost of easel pro :person_shrugging:

What if you create a new project that only uses free easel components?

I’m asking because I may try Pro out, however I’m a hobbyist with little interest in selling my work, and wouldn’t like losing access to free easel for simple projects. I do have 4 free days of Pro a month.

FWI - I just purchased Vectric VCarve Desktop 11.5, but that is a still learning process. Easel is easy and I have been using it since 2016. Subscription software isn’t a good value for me because I often don’t use my XCarve for months while working on my other hobbies.


Thanks Everyone for your input I’m a senior with basic computer knowledge. Taught myself cnc using easel pro. I purchased a Millwright carve king ll so I don’t have easel pro free for 4 days a month if I had that option that would work just fine for me. Unfortunately I didn’t know that when I purchased my Millwright machine. I subscribed to easel pro for last 2yrs but with their recent price increase it’s not worth it for me to continue using it. I’m trying my best to work with free easel unfortunately I’v done most of my carving with V carve. If easel pro is geared toward the professional carver. I think inventables could pick up quite a few subscribers if they offered a 2D subscription at a more affordable price for us hobbyist. In the meantime I’ll try my best to work with free easel. Thanks again everyone

I quit using Easel almost 5 years ago now, went to Vcarve desktop and upgraded to Vcarve Pro. If I can learn it anyone can! (74) I went with the Pro version mainly because of size limitations to desktop. There are a ton of videos showing how to’s. :crossed_fingers:

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