Free Inventables Dewalt Spindle Mount

I recently upgraded my machine to use the Dewalt 611 router and purchased an Inventables Dewalt mount. Shortly after, I upgraded my Z axis with a 3rd party Z and then added their Dewalt spindle mount. So, I have a relatively new Inventables Dewalt router mount. It is free, about $35 on Inventables, if you just pay shipping. No V wheels, just 7 mounting screws. Will get an UPS estimate based upon your address. Send a check and when it clears, I will ship. Gary

To Mark:

I’m located near Tampa, Florida

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Where did you find the Z axis upgrade?
I would like to stiffen mine to avoid climb chatter.

Rick:, Luke

In addition to the Z axis, he has other items that will stiffen and elevate the y rails. I don’t see the exact same z axis that I purchased that used the existing z motor. The one he shows now includes a motor, probably because the z looks larger. Also upgraded my belts from him. If you change Z, don’t forget to recalibrate Z steps, not hard. Most recently, I purchased the Dewalt mounting clamps from him. Reason was mainly that the Inventables Dewalt mount makes it very difficult to change bits. Also, his design facilitates attaching things to the spindle, like a small laser for X, Y alignment or a dial indicator for checking X rail/spindle parallelism to wasteboard. He sort of shows how to align the new Z axis perpendicular to the X rail by using a bubble level. But, I don’t agree because there’s no reason to believe that the machine and/or waste board are “level”. Furthermore, a simple bubble level has no resolution (and was not included). I used a digital indicator used to calibrate my table saw bevel angle that doesn’t rely on the machine/table being level.

I did have to redesign my SuckIt mounting clamps for the new Z and I reprinted them on a 3D printer. Before you order, maybe you should look at your dust collection and determine if it will still work with the new Z.

Some delay in receiving because he’s basically a one man band. But, quality was always very good and I think prices are okay. I think he is an honest guy and will “make it right”. But, everything I’ve purchased was right from the beginning. Quality is excellent.

Good luck, Gary